International Tender Panama Pacifico Agency

Rehabilitation and Extension of the Brujas Avenue and Andrews Blvd. (Panama Pacific Avenue)

Project Summary

It involves the rehabilitation and expansion to four lanes of about 5 km from the Brujas Avenue and Andrews Boulevard, to provide a high capacity access to the Panama Pacifico Area due to the traffic increase projected by the Master Development Plan because of all the housing and commercial projects in the area, connecting it with Pan-American Highway, between Panama-Arraijan at the North, and Veracruz route to the South. The project consists of 4 stages to be developed in the next four years, starting in 2016. After, there will be a 5th stage where it will be extended to six lanes from the entrance of the Pan-American Highway to the entrance of the Andrews Boulevard.

Project Cos

B/. 25, 545,000.00 (4 stages)

Project Structure

2nd stage bidding on 2017



Construction of First Phase of the New Waste Water Treatment Plant and Rehabilitation of Pumping Stations

Project Summary

Tender Construction of the first phase for the expansion of “Waste Water Treatment Plant” of Panama Pacifico Area. It includes the suitability of the site, civil works, improvement of existing pumping stations, equipment and piping. This will timely meet the estimated demands of the proposed development of the Master Development Plan. The capacity of the existing wastewater treatment plant of Panama Pacifico Special Economic Area is 1.5 MOG; by building a new treatment plant of the “Intermittent SBR reactors” type and improving the existing pumping stations; it is expected to attend on time the estimated and designed demand according to the Master Development Plan, expanding its capacity to about 5 MDG management.

Project Cost

B/. 22, 854,536.00

Scheduled Dates

  • Projected Bidding Date: March, 2017.
  • Projected Work Starting Date: July, 2017.
  • Projected Work Finish Date: January, 2019

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